a mission statement for change

the world is one big, bloody, beautiful mess.

you don’t need me to tell you that. news outlets, social media and public opinion got that covered for the both of us.

the mess we made

if i had to sum it up the fact that our planet is literally burning comes to mind.

or the fact that luxembourg used up its ressources for the year on 14 february…! yes, very romantic.

then there’s general disconnect between people, ideas and values. perpetrated by filter bubbles that make dialogue complicated if not improbable.

yes, what you see in your newsfeeds, search engines and other algorithm driven information seems to confirm your ideas, but no, that’s not what everyone else sees.


which leads to the disregard of human rights, women’s rights, people of colour’s rights and basically democracy.

not to mention the rise of mental illness.

maybe we should stop here. this is, after all, supposed to be an uplifting post!

the change we need

there are a number of serious issues that mankind needs to deal with.

only, we’re too busy with our lives. so much information, so much noise, so many answers to questions we didn’t even know we had, so little time to think things through.

more. more. more.

we are overworked and overwhelmed. busy if the new cool.

don’t think. all is well. let’s post that picture on social media. let’s buy that item we can’t afford. let’s have that drink, cupcake or (insert your poison of choice).

and let’s not forget, tackling these issues takes guts.

we would need to:

  1. see the world as it is today
  2. imagine how it could be, and
  3. believe it is possible to go from one to the other even though we feel helpless and scared by the sheer enormity of the task.

so, why bother?

after all, ‘it’s not all bad’ and ‘you live only once’.



people who think this way will most likely not be the ones who will change the world.

to change the world, it takes dreamers, thinkers, believers and well, yes … idealists!

i’ve been called worse things than this, so i’d like to put my metaphorical hat in the ring.

i want to play my small part in the change that this world so desperately needs.

and i do believe that one book, one idea, one dream at a time can inspire all of us to become more fulfilled individuals to form a more just, more equal and more sustainable society.

a more just, more equal, more sustainable society

what qualifies me to the change the world, you ask?

unfortunately, nothing.

i’m not a politician, nor a lawyer or an economist. i’m just somebody who reads a lot and thinks too much.

somebody who has been called too naive and too stubborn one too many times.

if your dreams do not scare you, they aren’t big enough.

ellen johnson sirleaf

somewhere along the way though, something weird happened.

i’m beginning to be acutely aware that i have voice.

even more so, that i have a voice that i do not use and i’m starting to feel very uncomfortable about that.

i want to use my voice.

i need to use my voice.

this little corner of the internet

so, i decided that i would make this little corner of the internet my very own.

to share what I think, what I read, how I see things and how we could go about changing the world.

or at the very least, how I go about changing the world.

my very own, very personal truth.

who knows?

maybe all this will ever be, is an intention.

but peoples, i’ll be damned if i don’t give it my very best try!

idealistically yours,
the simps

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