book reviews

cover of what can i do? by jane fonda

what can i do? by jane fonda

do you remember where you were ten years ago and what you have achieved since then?
does it feel like a long time ago?
well, the answer to this question will put the next bit of information in its right context: 10 years is as long as humankind has left to halve global co2 emissions in order to have a fighting chance to maybe survive the (human) life-threatening consequences caused by climate change.
(ok, so the tipping point is actually 2030, but 2021 is still young.)
if you think 10 years is nothing for such a challenge – not mention all the efforts that then need to happen until 2050 – and you feel panic slowly rising in your chest, welcome to the club.

picture of a promised land by barack obama

a promised land by barack obama

in his third book a promised land obama recounts his story from his childhood to the spring of 2011 well into the first term of his presidency. in a total of 701 page. if that sounds long, it is. it is a really long book. and that’s a good thing,

picture of the book open up by alex holder

open up by alex holder

the book’s subtitle reads ‘why talking about money will change your life’.

from that title alone, some synapses in head decided that this was a book on personal finance.

i was both surprised and – to be honest – a bit reluctant to learn that it isn’t. per se.

the cover of fashionopolis by dana thomas

fashionopolis by dana thomas

all in all, fashionspolis by dana thomas is an informative, well researched and compelling read that covers past, present and future of the garment industry with a special focus on sustainability.

a picture of the cover of my own words by ruth bader ginsburg

my own words by ruth bader ginsburg

my own words by ruth bader ginsburg is a condensed and situated version of the intellectual heritage of one of the biggest thinkers, intellectuals and idealists of the last sixty (or so) years.

the book joy at work positioned on a labtop next to flowers

joy at work by marie kondo & scott sonenshein

marie kondo extends her brand beyond the decluttering of personal homes and teams up with scott sonenshein to tackle the workplace in ‘joy at work’.
if you think that it’s weird to talk about joy at work during a global pandemic, you’re right.
it is.
at the same time, what better time is there?

my hand holding up the book the way of rest by jeff foster

the way of rest by jeff foster

as reading the way of rest by jeff foster is the closest i ever felt to being in a meditative state outside of meditation, this book might be for you if you’re interested to see whether mindfulness could be something for you or if you just want to broaden your practice.


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