hi there

i'm the simps

i’m a thirty something woman living in luxembourg, europe who reads a lot and thinks too much.

as you might have guessed by the blog’s title, i’m also an idealist. i feel that there are at least a few elements in this world that desperately need changing and i do also have the naïve audacity to hope that my voice can be a part of this change.

it is my firm belief that one book, one idea, one dream at a time can inspire all of us, so we can become more fulfilled individuals who form a more just, more equal and more sustainable society.

picture of the author of the nonfiction book recommendatitons on this book blog for change in front of a gothic castle
a picture of a book case with books sorted by color that i want to talk about on my book blog

book blog: themes and topics

now that we know that the humble objective of this book blog is change, how does one go about changing the world with a book blog?
simple, one doesn’t.
because the only thing under our direct control is ourselves, we need to work on ourselves and take it from there.


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